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We care about the longevity of our designs and we believe that part of being a sustainable vendor, make sure that your purchase will last a very long time.

Only the best.

We use the finest silks and leather to ensure that your item is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability.


Improves with time. One of the most unique qualities of tanned leather is that it improves with use and age. Through its use over time will look like leather darkens with the natural oils of regular use and develop their own individual páitna. Another great quality is the resilience of this leather to light surface scratches. Just use a damp cloth on the area and massage it with your fingers, and return to its natural state.  

Did you know that silk is one of the strongest natural fibers knew, but in turn has a soft and smooth texture? It's why the first bulletproof vests were made of silk in the era of gunpowder. The good absorption of this material makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather. The elegance of silk, soft luster and fall make perfect complements to work it in today. For a long time this tissue has always been highly regarded, symbol of luxury and wealth.



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