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About us

fallera® is an independent brand based in Valencia which offers quality products, from Spanish production and limited edition made ​​by hand.

The fallera® brand created to share with the world the Valencian textile culture, giving an overall unprecedented access to anyone who wants to bring a piece of our history 365 days of the year in the form of jewelry and accessories.

We strive to create current fashion accessories using classic fabrics faller clothing mostly. Our supplements are aimed at both the Fallas living the party from within, and those who participate and feel involved in our tradition.

In 2011 Arturo Santander (CEO fallera®) made the first prototype of what years later would become the flagship of our brand, Faller bracelet. It design combining tradition managed to create a unique and unprecedented snap, allowing you to get national recognition as "Operation Embark" Organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia and international as "EnterpriseYOU" European Programme for Young Entrepreneurs. The mark is registered and patented in 2014, which makes fallera® in the first and only specialized in fashion accessories made ​​from silk fabric brand.


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